Wise-cracking street urchin with a powerful secret.


Race: ???
Class: Dancer

Level: 5

Aisosa is a trained dancer, and while she carries around a glaive, it seems to have little to do with the unnatural force of her blows. When troubled, she can draw on raw arcane magic to emulate the effects of several spells.

In addition, she can maintain a network of messages across vast distances – a remarkable feat.


On the surface, Aisosa is just another poor girl from Red River. Sadly, none of this is true.

Two years ago, she awoke at the edge of the Black Earth and stumbled her way to Red River, where a dancing troupe of homeless girls adopted her. Rising in their ranks, she quickly became their star attraction and best thief. Even then, she always felt drawn away somehow…

The truth? Is that she’s no girl at all, but was somehow created by the cataclysm at Savrias’ Folly. Drawn to aid, if not tolerate, the princess Ieshzi, she has a great deal of power but only a hint at its nature or purpose. When her task is done, will she fade like any other spell?

Only time and tale will tell.


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