Chijindu Azafa

A stern Warden with a softer side.


Race: Human (Galasteri)
Class: Border Warden

Level: 8

Tall, dark, and put-upon, Azafa is bound by honor and duty to (eventually) marry Ieshzi Ungani. In the meantime? He’s resolved himself to protecting her from danger – dangers she seems more than keen on bringing on both their heads.


The Azafa clan technically only has one holding – the expanse of roads leading from the Galasteri capital to the eastern Old Wilds. Much of that territory was lost in the war and taxation of the roads is both a meager income beyond maintenance and has been directed towards war reparations. The Azafa clan has great potential, but very little wealth at present.

A marriage to the wealthy Ungani clan seems like the perfect solution, and the scions of those clans are the right age and well-acquainted. In fact? Chijindu loves Ieshzi. This did not help.

Now, he’s trapped in her web of intrigues until such time as her duties are satisfied. He is not happy about this or any of the many burdens upon his shoulders. And yet? He does his duty.

Chijindu Azafa

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