Ieshzi Ungani

A princess with her own, unique problem solving strategies.


Race: Human (Galasteri)
Class: Royal Arcanist

Level: ???

The noble sponsor and technical leader of the Keepers, Ieshzi Ungani orchestrated her own kidnapping to create a buffer from her parents’ influence. Things didn’t go entirely according to plan, but now she can use the pretense of touring with her betrothed to let her follow her own aims.

What those aims are? She keeps close to her vest. She’s a force to be reckoned with, but hard to like.


Ieshzi Ungani was always destined for great things.

The child of a marriage of power, privilege, and the rarest of all things – love -, she seemed poised to lead Red River into a golden age. That is, until Savrias’ Folly set the future into doubt.

Ieshzi had already left the Academy of Art by the time its tower was used as a weapon. She’d long since left behind their elitist, expansionist philosophies. Instead, her sole focus is on understanding the extent of Savrias’ Folly… though her reasons and end goals are a mystery.

She’s both protective and dismissive of her old friend Nyota Irai, and utterly distrusts Aisosa… Aside from that? She does her best to be civilly distant.

Ieshzi Ungani

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