Nyota Irai

A delightfully curvy accountant with a fiery dark side.


Race: Human (Galasteri)
Class: Sorceress

Level: 5

Nyota is a friendly, high-spirited, if somewhat easily distractable noble from the eastern fringe of Galastaire. Skilled with numbers and finance, she’s managed to keep her family afloat despite terrible luck and feeling the brunt of the war’s mishaps.

Beneath all that? Is a wounded, tired woman with chronic pain and a growing power. Nyota Irai is changing, and whether that change is a boon or a curse? Remains to be seen.


The Irai family has managed vineyards, fodder crops, and trade with Elvenkind for a dozen generations. Their star seemed to have finally shone at the end of Savrias’ First Campaign and the resulting peace with the various elves of the Old Wilds. That fortune burned to ash by the end of his third and final campaign, one more casualty of Savrias’ Folly.

Staggering under debt and with little usable land, Nyota found herself drawing closer to the mysterious daev for potentially lucrative trade deals. In exchange? They wanted her and her holdings to join the fold of Elvenkind – a community, faith, and structure unlike her heritage. With help from Otto and Kharaena? She was able to resist this absorption, but not without cost.

Now? She holds the finances of the Keepers in trust, to keep Ieshzi honest and the group in good financial health. When necessary? She can draw on her growing power to aid them. Wounded by the Black Earth, she now has a potent font for sorcery. Again, not without cost.

Nyota Irai

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