Ti'Ava Gimble

Short, savvy, and tired of your shit? Sounds about right.


Race: Forest Gnome
Class: “Issue Resolution Specialist”

Level: 5

Ti’Ava is on vacation from managing a trading outpost of the Gnomish Concerns beneath the capital of Galastaire. Eager to see a bit more of the world before settling down into her second century and a more stable career? She’s signed on to supply the Keepers and enjoy their company.


Behind every adventuring charter and merchant’s guild, the concerns supply, coordinate, and negotiate for favors. They provide storage, security, and banking to independent dealers. They supply war zones and plague dens with essentials. The Concerns are fearless and inevitable.

This is the only life Ti’Ava’s ever known, and it’s been a good one. She’s had her share of action, adventure, romance, and mystery… and not a little horror during her stationing in the Underdark. She knows much, says little, and always seems to have an angle. All that aside?

Even she has reservations about shady dealings – when you’re good enough, you don’t need them.

Ti'Ava Gimble

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