The Keepers of Galastaire

Chapter 4: Above and Below
Highrock, the Bones

The Keepers have taken their first official mission: to secure a delivery of furs from the tribes at Highrock to the dwarven-held Gaze in the northern mountains of the Bones. Once there, they'll receive payment for Highrock, deliver it back, and receive payment themselves for their work.

Some have expressed interest in the healing waters of geotherms in the northern Bones as well…

Chapter 3: Sinking Like a Stone
The Undercity, Galastaire

Our new company, the Keepers, would rather make a splash than swim upstream for recognition.

As a result, they've opted to descend to the Undercity of Galastaire and beyond. Their quest?

A mere trifle of very valuable truffles.

Surely, nothing could go wrong…

Chapter 2: The Broken Standard
Hall of the Wings, Galastaire

Following up on a remarkable bargain secured by Ieshzi Ungani, the allies found themselves responsible for clearing out whatever dangers might yet haunt an abandoned hall of heroes.

As reported, there were rats. There were other things, but the rats were the first and final threat.

A breath of fresh air for truth in advertising!

The hearth is now their ally.

Chapter 1: A Dinner Engagement
Location: Red River, Galastaire

Our illustrious… sure, heroes… were brought together by a festival and many secrets to explore.

A princess was kidnapped. A noble lady was saved from the mysterious daev. Remarkable meals were served. A spirit-touched woman got her first taste of the danger coming for them all…

All said? It was about standard, as far as adventures go.


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